Stay the same, just like everyone else, or CHANGE?
We chose CHANGE.

At Compressor and Turbine Services, LLC we are always looking forward and never back. During the last two years alone we have spent a great deal of money on innovation, technology, and infrastructure.

About Us

Compressor and Turbine Services, LLC was founded on the
principles established by industry pioneer I.W. "Will" Hickham.
Will Hickham
was the original founder of Ashley, Hickham and
Uhr Company and later Hickham Industries.

Will established one of the first non OEM repair facilities in the
United States. His repair techniques and innovations were at the
forefront of many of he practices that are in place today.

Will Hickham based his business model on integrity, honesty,
innovation and a dedication to provide value combined with
excellent customer service. At CTS it is our goal to live up to the
example set by Will Hickham.

Our Services

  • Rotating Equipment Repair
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Turbine Re-Blading
  • Portable CMM (Faro) Services
  • Reverse Engineering - Dimensional
  • Verification - Quality Control
  • Rotor Balancing
  • Turbine Seals - Brush Seals -
  • Bearing Isolator Seals (Disrupter Seals)
  • Turbine Packages - New (not junk)
  • Gear Box Repair - Through our association with Griffin Gear
  • 3D CAD - SolidWorks

Compressor and Turbine Services, LLC
901 Old Genoa Red Bluff
Houston, Texas 77034

phone: 281-598-1873